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About Us

Welcome to Heavenduft, where every fragrance is a story waiting to be told. Open a bottle and let the aroma take you on an aromatic journey.

Heavenduft: Indulge in heavenly fragrance

In 2020, a vibrant dream blossomed into reality. Heavenduft, the brainchild of independent perfumer Tausif Shaikh, wasn’t just another brand; it was a sanctuary for scent, a canvas where passion danced with nature’s finest ingredients.

Tausif, a self-taught artist with boundless energy, examined perfume manuals and thoroughly researched raw materials. His legacy is evident in each beautiful drop of Heavenduft, as he refined his craft under the guidance of senior perfumers who were from Givaudan.

But Tausif’s enthusiasm went beyond mere knowledge. He craved to create artisanal perfumes, each a fragrant masterpiece stitched with intriguing tales. Every note, from the sun-kissed citrus of coastal India to the smoky allure of amor and psyche, tells a story—of journeys undertaken, emotions embraced, and memories whispered on the wind.

His passion for authenticity is evident in every bottle. Heavenduft celebrates the richness of natural and raw materials, meticulously sourced to capture the essence of nature.

Artisanal Perfumes

Embrace the art of storytelling in scent. Each artisanal perfume is a limited-edition masterpiece, crafted with rare ingredients and meticulous attention to detail. In-house accord and oils are effectively distilled to provide the desired fragrance in artisanal perfumes. Own a piece of aromatic poetry—a whispered secret bottled for the keen connoisseur.

Pure Attars and Designer Attars

Discover the ancient art of attar making, where fragrant oils whisper stories of generations past. Our attars are pure essences, potent, and captivating, while our designer attars offer a modern twist on this timeless tradition.

Oudh Oils

Delve into the heart of woody luxury with our oudh oils. The oud oils are gathered from various ouds found in various regions of India. This process requires extensive study, labor, and time because the oil must be efficiently distilled before it can be used to transport audiences on a captivating and aromatic journey.

Heavenduft India EAU DE Parfum

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of India, where spices dance with tropical fruits and sun-drenched earth. Our EAU de Parfums are vibrant odes to the land’s spirit, perfect for those who crave a touch of exotic allure.

A Note from Tausif

"I dream of a world where my perfumes nestle in your memories, becoming the scented echoes of your happiest moments. Let each spritz be a portal to emotions cherished, a whisper of joy bottled just for you."

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